Hi, I'm Tiffany!

I'm guessing, you're here because...

  • you struggle with planning lessons that meet state and DAP standards

  • you’re a director struggling to find or design engaging professional development that meet the needs of your staff

  • you’re in need of Ga state-approved trainings or trainings that will provide you with actionable steps that you can immediately put into action.

How I can help you:


I can support you by providing:
*Engaging trainings that are relevant to your needs
*Trainings that meet state and DAP requirements
*Strategies to help you avoid burn out and practice self-care

State-Approved Trainings

*Ga state-approved trainings that meet your needs
*Trainings that help with lesson planning and understanding of age-appropriate lessons
*How to design an environment that reduces behavior issues and provides an effective learning space for children


I can support you by:
*Providing customized trainings to meet the needs of YOUR staff
*Online & in-person trainings
*Resources that will provide ongoing support for you and your school
*Trainings that are not only informative and relevant to your school’s needs but also fun & engaging for your staff

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