I believe in supporting early childhood admin + educators with strategies and guidance to create a team environment.

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, you're in the right place!

Don't you wish you could wave a magic wand to make it easy for you to find effective training to meet your needs while also having simple strategies that support you and your staff's well-being?

What if it’s also strategies and training based on current research so you know it has worked in other education settings and with other teachers?

Imagine If...

Imagine that your staff works together like a team…

The Solution: That's exactly why I created trainings that support administrators and preschool teachers with their challenges!

…to help you get an environment where staff works and feels like a team.
"This class was awesome for identifying burnout and addressing it. Instructor did awesome job addressing specific needs of the classroom as well as general ideas."
GPA Conference Attendee

When you attend one of my trainings, you'll...

"Tiffany is a great presenter and very thorough!!"
GAEYC Conference Attendee

Here are your next steps...

Each weekly email will keep you up-to-date with upcoming trainings, provide resources and/or printables, information on current research, plus more so that you can continue supporting your staff and yourself whether you attend trainings or not.

Join the free FaceBook support group

This free community will provide you opportunities to share and seek support with other early childhood professionals so that you can just vent or seek advice.

Attend a training or conference

Trainings vary by topic and location so that you can attend online or in-person and find trainings that are Ga state approved while also meeting you and your staff’s needs.

Here's how I'll support you:

  • Weekly Live Q+A calls where you can show up ask me your questions in person every single week.
  • A Facebook Group that I’m personally in every weekday to review your marketing plan + assets, give you personalized feedback and answer questions.
  • Workbooks, action steps, tech tutorials, swipe files + templates for each lesson so you always know exactly how to implement what you’re learning.

Why I Created Trainings for Preschool Professionals

Hi, I’m Tiffany, and I create early childhood trainings because I am passionate about helping early childhood teachers and administrators with their well-being and creating an environment where all staff feels like a team. 

I also believe that early childhood professionals should have access to effective trainings that are easily accessible and based on current research. Most importantly, I believe that, first, these professionals must know how to effectively identify their and their staff needs. 

That’s what I’ll help you do in my trainings.